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René Maagdenberg/Atelier Rond


(Rotterdam, 1966) is a multi-disciplinair artist.

In commission René worked for buildingsociaties, a shopping-mall & the citycounsil of Capelle a/d IJssel. He drew -amongst others- for Fesmagazine, Spiegelbeeld, Skepter, AO publicaties, Maasstad, NRC-next, Religie&Mystiek, Genoeg, Rotterdams Dagblad & Plotsdoof. The projects he orginised vary from workshops & courses for the BavoRNOgroep (psychiatric care), Tolknet, Brede Schoolnetwerk, libraries, the Musicschool in Capelle, st. Atab & stinZ in Olst & -being a certified Artist-teacher- in public schools.

In the past more or less 30 years, he painted, drew & wrote a growing amount of work, somewhere between what has been called abstract & surrealistic. Working in acryllic, oil or really anything he could lay his hands on, or making hundreds of illustrations, cartoons, murals. Writing poetry, proze, lyrics & music for bands & theatre. The latest devellopments include 3-D work.

Humor, amazement, a perseverant predisposition for absurdism, love & awe for mother nature & the overarching organisation which makes it all possible, the vortex of the daily chaos... literally ánything is an influence.


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